Who We Are

They say the creative adult is the child who survived. Given that we still believe that if you swallow a watermelon seed, it’ll grow inside you – you can safely assume that we are just children at heart.

Fun is our work anthem, because truth be told, every single time we’ve tried to overthink the design process, it’s turned out terrible! #truestory or should we say #shoestory?

The essence of Rasa is ‘Style with Comfort’; this may not be a convoluted theory but we think there’s a certain charm in keeping it simple. Don’t you? We’ve seen too many women inflict pain upon themselves in the name of fashion and that’s just not our vibe. A quirky homage to our colorful, vintage roots and a heartfelt approach to design is the underlying ethos of our homegrown brand. To know more, talk a walk in our shoes (literally!) and experience the magic yourself.