The Key to beautiful Feet

Are you a working woman, a student, a home maker? Whatever be your role, a woman’s feet are the most exposed yet the most ignored part of the body. We take them for granted and then starts a never ending list of feet problems like blisters, innumerable corn, dry feet, fungus and what not! I know how tedious and boring foot care sounds, but taking care of your feet now can help prevent foot problems down the road. If you already have foot problems, good foot hygiene will help keep those problems in check, and may help some of them disappear altogether.

Always choose the right size of footwear. A wrong size can affect the way you walk which further affects your legs and your body structure. Repeat after me, I will always choose the right size.

Dryness – By far, this is the most common foot problem. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize. The best time is right before you go to bed. Apply the moisturizer and cover them up with a pair of socks. Wearing socks in summers sounds funny right? Keep a pair of socks only for your night ritual. Cut it out from the toes’ part and above the ankle, just enough to cover your feet. Now your toes can wriggle freely as much as they want and you won’t feel warm either.

Another issue which is super common is Corn. Painful, ugly and stubborn. That pain is worse than a heartbreak. Want to know the magical solution to it? Vaseline petroleum jelly! Yes Yes Yes, you don’t need fancy foot creams for that, Vaseline works wonders, especially on corns. In fact, applying a pea-size chunk on each corn, every night for a couple of months will shoo those corns away. Trust me, I’ve tried doing that and it has helped (something even a dozen corn tapes couldn’t achieve)

Wash your feet properly and dry them enough so that no fungus arises. And once it’s washed and dried. Repeat what’s written above – Moisturize!

How often do you condition your hair? Once / twice a week? What do you do while you are waiting for your hair to be conditioned? I’ll tell you what I do, I scrub my feet, ladies. This multitasking feels like an achievement. You can use a pumice stone or a foot filer, but if you have delicate skin on your feet, use a mild foot scrub cream – Body shop, Nykaa, Kama, they all have a variety of foot care products ranging from Rs 100 – Rs 1000, get whatever your pocket lets you. But yes, once you’re done with exfoliating, don’t forget to moisturize.

What’s the point of buying expensive footwear if we cannot care enough for our feet? So ladies, make this your mid year resolution that foot care will be your priority, no matter what.

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